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About Allison & Louis

  • Growing up in the 70’s with a mom who was fashion director and a dad who was display director for a major NY-area department store chain meant our careers got an early start in modeling. Having parents in fashion and display also had other perks beyond our time on the catwalk. Their closest friends were also ‘people in the industry’ so we grew up surrounded by super-creative types. Artists, designers, window dressers, and the owners of the premier mannequin houses and display companies in New York made for some pretty fantastic early influences. Our childhood home was like living in a Bloomingdale’s model room by Barbara D’Arcy (of whom we are major fans!).

  • Tucked inside a tiny English Tudor style home was a fabulous futuristic den with walls and ceiling covered in corrugated metal, a back-lit white Lucite baseboard, and white Lucite modular seating accented with chrome etageres and a black snakeskin cocktail table. The living room combined traditional tuxedo-style upholstered sofas and Louis XV chairs covered in black horse hair with a wildly modern thick shag rug, chunky Lucite desk, and white marble cocktail table adorned with crystal obelisks and rock crystal sculptures. We didn’t necessarily realize it then but our appreciation for a well decorated home and dressing stylishly began young! Fast forward a few years and off we went to Boston University. Fast forward a few more years and a few separately pursued career moves and we ended up working side by side at the same company for four years.

  • Working together professionally for the first time ended up being more fun than we could have imagined. Where our responsibilities overlapped, we quickly realized how well our individual skills complimented each other. For as cliché as it may sound, we knew it was time to turn our dream of starting our own brand into reality. Maison 24 is a mix of traditional and trend-setting and what we feel is the best of the best across a wide range of categories – home furnishings, men’s and women’s accessories, music, art, decorative objects, books, children’s accessories, collectible toys, and so much more. Whether it’s a new find, a product of our own design, or bringing in something we’ve coveted forever, we hope to create a unique and above all fun shopping experience for all who visit our website.